Kick Bike

Kick Bike

Kick Bike

Feel the kick! - Visit us with your kick bike and do your laps with the kick bike. 


Here you can find the current program for this sport


Kick Biker

11:02  kick biker (M/W (2008 - 2013 - 3 rounds)
11:02 kick biker (M/W (2007 – and older  - 10 rounds)

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Prize giving ceremony kids race, Fitnessrun, Skiroller & Inline Skating
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Prize giving ceremony kick bike, kids race & Salzburgring roller skis & inline skating for children - schoolchildren - cadets - youth at the nordic academy tent

Prize giving ceremony Marathon

1:45 p.m  award ceremony marathon: inline skaters at the nordic academy tent
1:45 p.m. award ceremony marathon: roller skis at start number distribution
2:30 p.m. award ceremony Marathon: kickbiker at start number distribution

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