Peter Herzog

Peter Herzog

Peter Herzog at Ring Frei

The first big name of the Austrian sports scene has already entered our start list.  Peter Herzog, the Austrian running star of the last few years, will probably set the bar for the running competition at the Salzburg Ring. We are already very curious to see how long it will take him to complete the 4255m lap. But before that happens, Peter will represent our country at the Olympic marathon in Tokyo. Of course, we will all keep our fingers crossed for him!

Over the last few years, he has improved immensely and even set the Austrian marathon record of 2:10:06 in the pouring rain in London in 2020. This year in March, he just missed (by 2 seconds) the national 10k record with 28:12 at a preparation race in Berlin.

Over 5km, his personal best stands at 13:54. He also set this just last year in Berlin and it also meant breaking the Austrian record! So even on the shorter distances, it will probably be hard to hold a candle to Peter!

With these running times, it is hard to believe that Peter Herzog has already had a very diverse career in other disciplines in his short career as an athlete. He used to be one of the best trial bikers in Europe and perform tricks on bridge railings and things like that, where even today, everyone gets goosebumps when they see him! See for yourself in the video from 2008 below!

After that, he dabbled in triathlons. Even then, he was already on his way to become one of the nation's best. But the water has never been his friend. Therefore, he focused on running and did it with enormous success.

We are really looking forward to seeing him at "Ring Frei" at Salzburg Ring!


Peter Herzog - Trialbike 2008!!!